Facebook is cancer

Hey, people. I know I said I was taking a hiatus and I still definitely am, but I may share articles here and there while I’m taking a break from actually creating content for the blog.

Such as this one from Crooked Media: “Facebook is the World’s Biggest Right-Wing Media Company.”

I just pulled Toads and Goblins’ page from Facebook yesterday after a brief experiment because I was constantly reminded why I personally left Facebook in the first place earlier this year. And the title of this post? I don’t use that comparison lightly. In fact, unlike some people who like to just casually toss it around, I’m pretty sure I’ve never used that precise analogy for anything before because I find it offensive to those who have actually suffered from or lost a loved one to cancer.

But when we’re talking about Facebook, it’s a disgustingly accurate analogy. I’ll leave you with a brief excerpt, but I encourage you to read the entire article and really stop to consider what you’re actually supporting by allowing Facebook to use you and your life as a commodity.

Facebook has the capacity to distinguish between fact and falsehood, journalism and disinformation, reason and incitement, peace and violence, and turn down the volume on the latter. It can distinguish between people who use the word “fuck,” and people who engage in slander. It chooses not to because those distinctions—those values—would disfavor a right-wing media culture that embraces conspiracy theories and lies. The result is an output that places content creators who care about truth at a disadvantage, and makes Facebook a useful tool for propagandists.

Just remember that nasty, offensive, dishonest, violence-seeking right-wingers are an absolute minority in this country–yet consider for a moment that it certainly doesn’t feel that way sometimes, does it?

Then ask yourself why that might be.

The future of our country depends on it.

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