Keto and shark week are not friends

Welp, here’s your keto update.

Shark week hit on day six and the whole operation went FUBAR.

Okay, okay, that’s not totally true. I mostly still did okay. But I wasn’t happy about it, dammit. I was GRUMPY. I mean, like, MORE grumpy. Than usual. During shark week.

Anyway, the funny part is what I splurged on.


Fucking banana chips.


Seriously, that was my craving. Okay, okay, AND I had a bowl of Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins. And that’s not even something we normally have in the house, but some asshole (me) randomly bought a box for my kids so they could try something new the week before she started keto, and the fucking weirdos don’t even LIKE THEM, so there they were, all sad in the pantry, and I really fucking wanted some.

So I ate some.

But shark week is now officially over and it’s back to it, because while I didn’t put any of the weight I lost back on, I am looking more…fluffy again, and I don’t like it. I also can’t deny that I really did feel better when I was being strict about it, so there’s that.

Hopefully having a few decent weeks under my belt before next shark week helps. And if not, apparently you can now buy granulated erythritol (sugar alcohol, which the body doesn’t absorb), so Imma try my hand at making keto ice cream, because that’s, like, a thing, I guess.

My gods, who AM I?


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