I guess keto suits me?

Seriously did not expect.

Because this is how it normally goes for me when I decide to cut out certain foods:

Me: Brain, no more cheese.

Also me: Excellent, we’ll have the four-cheese ravioli with Alfredo, topped with grated Parmesan, and cheesecake for dessert.

But this is day five and I’ve basically had zero cravings for excess carbs all week. And this is while still preparing them for and serving them to my family. For instance, I had half a batard of crusty Italian bread in the freezer and heated it up and served it to the fam the other night as part of dinner.

Did it smell fucking amazing?

Yes. Yes, it did.

Was I tempted to eat even just one warm, soft, delicious bite?

Surprisingly, I was not. Like, at all. It was… Weird. To say the least.

And it’s definitely the high-fat nature of the diet. I feel totally satiated eating what I’m eating and I’m easily sticking to my intermittent fasting schedule, eating all my food between noon and 6/7pm. AND I’m only eating give or take 1200 calories a day, which I realize sounds completely insane, but I do not feel deprived in the slightest.

According to the calculator that was recommended, and based on my current stats and weight-loss goals (I’m essentially aiming to lose a third of myself, which boggles the mind a bit…), this is what I need to be aiming for on the daily:

1321 total calories; 104 grams protein; 90 grams fat; 25 grams net carbs (total carbs minus fiber)

As you can see, I’m struggling to even get that many calories in, and I also haven’t hit my protein goal yet. But I’m coming close to or even going over (because butter and cheese are delicious) my fat goal, so I obviously need to incorporate lean proteins more often. And I just bought an almost-zero-carb protein powder to add into my daily routine, so that will help. But, believe it or not, I’ve either come in at my carb goal or even under every day this week. How fucking crazy is THAT? I thought it would take me a week or two to work up (down?) to it, but I am apparently way okay with getting my carbs only from, like, veggies and half and half.

Who knew?

And I’ve realized that even more than bread and pasta and beans/legumes, I definitely miss potatoes the most (I’m Irish, what can I say?). But my sister gave me some tips for making cauliflower mash (steam till soft but not falling apart, cool a bit, blend in a food processor till smooth, strain plenty of the water out with a nut milk bag, reheat on stove with additions of your choice–butter and half and half for me) and holy shit, that stuff’s amazing. And now I can make my beloved colcannon, and I could basically live on colcannon alone, so I’m pretty much totally set.

Also, for those curious about the health effects of not eating fruit (some fruit is okay on occasion on keto but even though I love fruit in general, I can’t eat lots of various fruits anyway because of their fructose content, and just tend to not generally eat a ton of it anyway), I actually looked into this a while back and found a great article from one of my favourite evidence-based parenting authors/bloggers on the subject. Basically, there is almost always a vegetable option that has more of a certain necessary nutrient when compared to a fruit “high” in said particular nutrient. For instance, I always thought oranges were the gold standard when it comes to vitamin C, but bell peppers have them way beat in that department. Go figure.

So what am I eating on the regular? Eggs, beef, pork, poultry, tuna, cheese, butter, olive oil, half and half, lactose-free sour cream/cream cheese, spinach, mixed greens, cucumber, cauliflower, bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, dressings, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds… In other words, I’m eating a bunch of healthy, delicious food and it’s been awesome.

And how do I actually feel in general? Ummmmmmm, pretty great actually. I’m clearly not experiencing any kind of “keto flu” that seems to be common for a lot of people in the beginning, so that’s been nice. Why, I have no clue, but again, it just seems like keto suits me. I mean, sure, I’ve been tired and/or fussy at times this week, but shit, no more than usual. And I’ve had a couple of nap-free days this week, and as silly as it may sound, that’s pretty huge for me.

And it’s totally just water weight, but I’m already down three pounds, so there’s that.

Honestly, though, the best part is the positive feeling from taking control over my life in such a fundamental way. I used to do a lot of purposeful self-sabotaging when it came to food and then follow it up with a large helping of self-loathing, and it’s just such a difficult cycle to get out of. But I’ve been intentional about every single thing I’ve put in my mouth this week and that feels really fucking awesome. I’ve even been weighing and measuring my food so I can accurately keep track of my macros, which should be hilariously entertaining for those who know me.

Anyway, what can I say? Despite my reservations and skepticism in general and dislike for even the idea of cutting out certain groups of food entirely, I’m super digging this CWOE.

Oh, and come to find out, the keto community also calls it a “way of eating,” or “WoE,” which made me chuckle a bit.

Clearly I’m in the right place?




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