Day one of keto update

Two posts in one day? Whaaaaaaaa?

Haha, don’t get used to it.

However, I had such a fabulous first day with my keto CWOE that I wanted to check in because I’m actually feeling even more confident about my decision at this point, which is craziness to me.

I stuck to my planned meals–a three-egg spinach and cheese omelette around 1pm and a huge salad with mixed greens, cucumber, bacon, hard-boiled egg, shredded cheese, and an avocado dressing around 6pm.

And you know what? I feel fucking great. Two hours after my salad I’m still full and although I generally get the evening munchies (even sober) I have absolutely zero cravings for more food (the high fat content of your meals on keto is supposed to really help satiate your appetite and that certainly seems to be the case for me). I’m currently having my usual evening coffee, so I’m getting a few calories from the half and half, but that will be all the food I eat today and don’t feel shafted in the slightest.

But perhaps the most exciting part is that I didn’t fucking nap today, you guys. Like, at all. Not even closing my eyes for a few minutes before I start dinner as I so often do. AND this was after taking the wee folk to the children’s museum here in town (it’s seriously the best) for a couple of hours this afternoon, an outing that would normally exhaust me, both mentally and physically because anxiety is exhausting all around. So the fact that I didn’t come home from that, put a show on for the kids, and flop down in bed is fucking HUGE.

You know what I did instead? I came home, put a show on for the kids (they definitely needed some downtime), and punched out a few hundred words on the third installment of my post-apocalyptic sci-fi short story series (yes, I will always take the opportunity to shamelessly plug it).

So, dudes, that’s two blog posts AND a bit of fiction today, totaling, like, 2000 words or thereabouts.

And I’ll fucking TAKE IT.

There you have it, then. I started keto today and not only did I not actually die or even just devolve into a large puddle of misery, I felt fucking great and had more energy and was more productive than usual.

Beginner’s luck?

We shall see!

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