It’s a GO!


I’m super stoked to announce that my Patreon is up and running and the entire first installment of my post-apocalyptic sci-fi short story series is posted and ready for consumption!


Okay, here are the deets:

Can I read your short stories for free? 

No, you may not! You may read the preview excerpt from the first installment to gauge whether you like my work and would like to read more, though.

Why can’t I read your short stories for free?

Welp, even though I’m not a professional, I think I write pretty good and spend many hours writing, editing, and proofreading each story, and believe they’re worth paying for. I also began writing these specifically as a special something to offer my patrons in thanks for supporting me in this whole turn-my-writing-into-a-career thing, so they were never meant for free consumption anyway.

So how much do I need to spend to read your short stories?

About the price of a basic cup of coffee once a month! I’m offering the short stories at a lower monthly tier than I first anticipated to try and hook more of you initially (full disclosure and all). For now, then, the short story tier is $2 a month, but that may change at some point in the future.

What if I don’t like sci-fi?

Never fear! I plan to use these short stories to explore various genres, so if sci-fi isn’t precisely your thing, you can rest assured there will be other genres to enjoy forthcoming. However, if romance or contemporary fiction are your things, you will most likely not find short stories you love in my collection because they’re not my things. It happens. But if you’re into fantasy, mysteries, historical fiction, YA, steampunk, ghost stories, etc., I’m sure you will eventually find something you love.

What if I’m not into short stories at all?

Totally cool! I get it. In that case, there are other benefits to becoming a patron of mine, which you can check out on Patreon.

Can I support you with more than $2 a month?

Why, yes you CAN! Details on Patreon, but for $1 a month, you can keep up with me in a little more personal manner; for $5 a month, you can keep up with me via vlogs; for $10 a month, you can keep up with my book-writing process, including previews; for $15 a month, you can suggest blog post and story ideas that I will do my very best to make happen and make happen awesome! Wanna support me with more than that? My goodness, I don’t know what you’ll receive but it’ll be AMAZING. I PROMISE.

Why would I want to give you any money at all?

Super fair question. Here’s the deal. You can get lots and lots and LOTS of content for free on many, many platforms across the interwebs. Supporting me on Patreon is a much more personal affair. Those who choose to support me in this capacity will do so because they just plain like me, or they really like my work and would like to help me more easily produce more, or they really appreciate the fact that I’m trying to turn my passion into a career, or they appreciate that I would like to help support my family monetarily without going back into childcare, which is basically the only thing I have to fall back on professionally (because, you know, I’m full up with kids around here as it is), etc. I’m certainly not expecting to make gobs of money from this, but earning a little supplemental grocery money while creating and reveling in an awesome, supportive community for my writing would be fucking spectacular.

I can’t afford to support you monetarily right now–can I still have access to your work?

Absolutely! My blog posts will always be free and I will probably share some previews of short stories here and there for your enjoyment. And if you want to keep up with me a little more personally, you might consider following Toads and Goblins on Facebook, where I occasionally share pics and randomness.

Any other questions? Hit me!

Thanks, dudes!!!


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