People. I put that shit in ALL CAPS. Did you notice?


It’s because I’m super fucking stoked and also more than a little terrified to announce that I will be sharing a teaser from the first installment of my short story series here on Toads and Goblins, as well as on the Facebook page, tomorrow.


So that’s the good news. The maybe not as great news for you at this precise moment in time is that I will be waiting to release the entire first installment until I have at least the second and maybe even the third in the barrel ready to go. This is so my future patrons hopefully feel more confident in their investment and commitment considering I like to drone on all the time about how I have a hard time finishing things. But I’m already over a thousand words into the second installment, so I’m hoping to have that initial launch on my Patreon within a couple of weeks. Updates on that to follow.

And this is what I will most humbly be asking of you, my most awesome fellows, upon release of that teaser TOMORROW.

IF, and only IF, you find you love it or even just like it or think maybe you know some people who might feel either of those things about it, PLEASE SHARE IT.

If you want to share the actual blog post, awesome! But I will also be putting the entire text in a Facebook status update for ease of sharing that way, so if you haven’t liked and followed Toads and Goblins on Facebook, please do so if that’s also your thing!

Okay, dudes. The feedback on the story continues to be pretty fabulous, so hot damn, I hope you guys like it.

Till TOMORROW, then!

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