The game–you must play it, dammit!

So. Dudes.

I did it.

I created a Facebook page for the blog.


But seriously, I kind of had to. Survival instinct and all that. Even though dozens of fabulously lovely people have subscribed to the blog, my views dropped off a damn cliff once I was no longer also sharing my posts to Facebook.

And you know what? I soooooooooo totally get it. Facebook just makes it stupid easy by compiling everything in one place, the easier to read, interact with, and share right then and there.

So it’s cool–I’ll play the social media game. I expected to have to and if it makes it easier for people to find me so that they might be entertained by my bizarre brain, then by all means.

But since I deleted my personal account, I had to open a new one in order to create the page for Toads and Goblins (which looks so weird to me typed out like that instead of one lowercase word, but I guess it’s more…proper? Eh.) because Facebook. But I don’t want to actually use Facebook, like, personally anymore, just as the social media home for my blog, so there was no way to invite people to like the page because they only allow you to invite “friends” to like your page and I don’t want any Facebook “friends” anymore. I mean, not that I didn’t like my Facebook friends, because I was actually super selective about who I added, but I just have zero intention of going down that rabbit hole again.

So what did I do? I tapped my scruffy-looking nerfherder of a marketing guru, of course! I was all, hey, you, find my page on Facebook and like it and then share it with your five million (slight hyperbole) friends–do it now. And he was all, sure thing, dear.

And so he did just that approximately seven hours ago.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnddd the page already has nearly 100 fucking likes and follows because you damn people are SO FUCKING COOL, it’s blowing my mind a bit.

Seriously, dudes. Our mutual friends were only a tiny portion of his friends list, so the vast majority of these people are people who’ve never even met me or interacted with me in any way, and while I fully realize I’m basically just piggybacking off his very well-known ridiculously awesome awesomeness, I’m super, duper flattered and honoured and many other words of that nature.

AND this sudden greater exposure is very propitious, as I am nearly finished with the first installment of my short story series, and I just today received some highly valued feedback after sending it out to some highly valued sources and guess what?



Creating something and having people love it is basically the greatest thing EVER. I was blushing like a schoolgirl and grinning like an idiot reading their feedback today. And one of them would probably like to read for a living and the other actually does read for a living, so they have A LOT to compare it to. I mean, my SLNH loved it, too, but it’s super bizarre how his opinion basically counts the most and the least, you know?

So I’m super stoked to share that very soon, and while I’m still hammering out the details, I’m gonna (hopefully) hook, line, and sinker you guys by offering the first installment or a chunk of the first installment for free on the blog, and then going forward, the monthly series will be available through a few-dollars-a-month subscription by becoming a patron on my Patreon account. They’re dedicated to protecting my work and I feel most comfortable “publishing” these stories on their platform. I also put a lot into my writing and would eventually like to get paid for what I create.

I know, fuck me, right?

So, more details on all that to follow, but for now, the genre is post-apocalyptic sci-fi, if that catches your fancy at all.

I mean, it most certainly does, RIGHT?


And now I will be sharing this blog post about creating a Facebook page for said blog on said Facebook page for said blog.

It’s all very meta.

Night, bitches! Oh, and find me on Facebook! Do it!





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