She lives!


(Always a term of endearment, don’t be alarmed, don’t forget.)

SO. Remember that one time I didn’t post for over a week basically right after posting about how proud I was of myself for posting regularly?

HAHA! I do, too!

It’s a very me thing to do. Now you know.

Anyway, the SLNH and I got sick, like, real sick, but we had a camping trip scheduled with the fam, so we delayed by a day because I couldn’t even fathom doing all the things that needed doing the day we were supposed to do them, and then I struggled through doing them all the next day while trading out snot-soaked wads of toilet paper from my nostrils every 10 minutes and hacking my lungs up. But, finally, we made it…whereupon King Toad Agooga began coughing and wheezing (thank the gods we packed the nebulizer and we were tent “camping” across from the in-laws’ trailer with some of that newfangled electricity), and soon enough, The Goblin Queen was running a fever and coughing allllllllllllllll night and sobbing to go home and basically it was a very us family vacation.

However, a river was played and swum in, a canoe was paddled in, river rocks were collected and painted, campfires were made, grilled food was eaten, gooey desserts were made on said campfire, “ghost” redwoods were visited, frisbees and horseshoes were thrown, trees were climbed, dogs were tied to said trees to look forlorn and dejected and confused and extremely worried about their children being out of eyesight.

You know, camping.

Although there were really fucking nice bathrooms with radiant heat flooring, so, you know, “camping,” as it were. I don’t consider it proper camping unless I don’t see other people for days at a time and poop in a hole I dug myself for the express purpose. But I’m pretty sure the wee folk appreciated the (very clean) flush toilets and awesome play structure just behind the in-laws’ campsite.


So yeah, we’re home now and recovering by watching lots of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls (the children) and staring at computer screens (the adults), while washing lots of soaked clothes because our tent that actually belongs to the in-laws but we always call dibs on it so I think of it as ours has a super cool screened porch section that we use for all of our crap and apparently random unforecasted overnight rain in June is a thing that happens in California now.


Hope you all had a far less sick but no less fun past week, and please do accept my most sincere apologies for falling off the face of the planet for a bit.

I promise it won’t be the last time.




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