Just the two of us…

No, we’re not building castles in the sky, for those about to ask.

What we ARE doing is spending, like, at least 48 hours SANS CHILDREN.

I know, I know, I KNOW.

This is thanks to my awesome and amazing in-laws, who consistently go wayyyyyyyy above and beyond when it comes to, well, everything really, but especially grandparenting. We’re super fortunate to have all of both immediate families within a 3-60 mile radius, and my in-laws live about 30 or so miles north of us, in the same little town and house my husband grew up in–which, for someone like me, who moved around quite a bit growing up, is pretty fucking cool.

And my kids literally have their own room there. I mean, yes, it doubles as a guest room, but it’s still theirs, with bunk beds, an entire wall of books from my husband’s childhood, and baskets and baskets of toys, many of them also saved from my husband and SIL’s childhood, which is super special. Grandma has even duplicated all the basics like toiletries and shoes and outerwear, so we just send clothes, meds (they both ended up with Daddy’s propensity for allergies, unfortunately), and a few favourite guys (we’re way big on stuffed animals in our house and they’re all known as “guys,” which, much like “dude,” is very gender-neutral to us, for those now questioning my feminist cred), and off they go to frolic in Grandpa’s garden, play on their play structure in the yard, make art at their little table in the kitchen, play with the doggies, swim in the pool, play pool with Grandpa in his pool room, listen to Grandma sing at church, eat all the yummy snacks Grandma always has on hand for them…

Basically the four of them just have a really fucking fantastic time together.

How lucky are all of we?

Anyway, they generally just do one night, so two nights is a real treat for us, as it’s only happened a few times before.

So how are we making use of our coveted time off from actively being parents?

We moved the TV into the bedroom from the family room and have been bingeing shows in bed. In other words…


Because, seriously, let me tell you about our bed. It’s stupid comfortable. And it’s not that newfangled foamy nonsense where you sink in and it, like, grips you all over and you can’t move and end up not being able to sleep for the claustrophobia because fuck that nonsense. It’s a good ol’ Sealy Posturepedic pillow-top mattress, so firm underneath with a cushiony top, and it’s literally PERFECT. It’s also a European King, so it’s ginormous, something we planned for intentionally before having babies because we’re into the whole family bed thing. And while they do start the night off in their own room now, by morning, our bed generally contains two tall adults, two lanky children, and a sleepy land hippo, who is quite convinced cuddling is her actual job and takes up way more space in the bed than it seems like she should.

But I’m not gonna lie–having the bed to ourselves (well, to ourselves and the cuddly, stretchy hippo) is really, really, really damn lovely. And we have a super nice 50-some-odd-inch plasma TV, and while no one can really deny the inherent appeal and awesomeness of shows like My Little Pony and DinoTrux, our trusty TV did seem a little anxious to facilitate the watching of things containing a bit more depth, shall we say?

Which was good because we are SUPER behind on shows, holy shit. And that’s really sad because it’s one of our favourite things to do together. But when we stopped smoking every night, watching shows became hard for us because we used to always get high while watching TV, so it became a bit of a trigger. We’re slowly learning how to enjoy watching TV as a sober-good-times activity, but it’s, just, you know…different.

So that means we had–and still have–a huge backlog of The Expanse, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (we punched those two out first, of course), Archer, Into the Badlands, Legion, The Handmaid’s Tale, Westworld, and who knows what else. We’re so out of the loop.


SO. I will get back to writing more involved, wordy, brainy things very soon, but for now, I will be stretching out in my stupid comfortable bed, watching my favourite shows, petting my sleek land hippo, and stuffing my gob with snacks and treats, all with my favouritest person in the entire world by my side.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Contentment.

I hope the same for all of you this weekend.

And, as always…

Remember the Cant!


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